Weekend Getaway in Connecticut

Last weekend we traveled to Connecticut for our annual family summer weekend! Every year, we try to get together during the summer to hang out, make food, and explore. It’s nice because, as much as I love the holidays, there’s no pressure to find the perfect gift, get the right outfit for an event, or bring a dessert that is out of this world amazing and complicated.

Instead, we enjoy each others company. No TV, no distractions. We make simple food and cookout on the grill. We go on hikes, we explore quaint country towns. It’s something that I look forward to every year.

An evening after the rain (Can you spot the rainbow?)

This year was the first time that we went out of state and headed to Connecticut. We rented a little house that was secluded on acres of wooded property, with the exception of some cleared land for the dogs (yes, the dogs come too!) to run and a tree swing nearby (which I definitely partook in).

On our first full day we started with a walk to see nearby Kent Falls. To get to the falls you first had to cross a creek by way of a little red covered bridge. The falls were beautiful, nearly 250 feet high and we climbed up to see them from the top. Many people were swimming in the various pools that had been formed within the rocks. I was only brave enough to stick my feet in but the water was crisp and refreshing. After we were done exploring, we ate a picnic lunch nearby.

Kent Falls, Kent, Connecticut

The next stop we visited was the Glebe House in Woodbury, CT. It was built in 1740 for the Rev. John Rutgers Marshall and his family. It’s not called the “Marshall House” because it is a glebe house- a house that was built and used expressly for the parish rector and his family. I love love love touring historic homes, and it was fascinating to see the little cubby that the Reverend used to hide in (he was Anglican, and that sect of Christianity fell out of favor after the Revolution) as well as their collection of 4 highboys from the 1700s. The house also had a very wide door in the main living area which was called a “coffin door” and was wide enough to bring a coffin through so that the Reverend could conduct funerals inside if need be.

Glebe House CT
Glebe House, Woodbury, CT

There was also a beautiful little garden designed by the world famous gardener Gertrude Jekyll. I had never heard of her but am now intrigued by her work. At the Glebe House she created a garden in the classic English style. I love the contained, but almost overgrown look with beds overflowing with daisies, lilies and hydrangeas. The tour of the house and gardens were my favorite part of the trip!

Glebe House Garden
Glebe House Garden, Woodbury, Connecticut

The following day we went on a hike on the Pine Knob Loop Trail, part of which included a hike on the Appalachian Trail! Along the way up I kept noticing the most beautiful and unique mushrooms. Some looked like pancakes, fresh off the stove, and others looked like mini sesame seed rolls! These little orange ones were tiny, I had to get super close up to take the picture.

Orange Mushrooms
Tiny orange mushrooms!
Pancake Mushrooms
Pancake Mushrooms! 99% sure that’s the technical name for them

Once we got up to the top we had a gorgeous view of the Housatonic Valley.

CT Hike
Housatonic Valley, Connecticut

Later that day we went into town and got to do a little antiquing before the shops closed! My favorite shop was Koblenz & Co. right in Kent, CT. They had a unique array of antiques: vintage quilts and linens, every day items like pitchers and jewelry, and even a jar that was used to hold leeches- eeks!

Antique Store
Antiquing in Kent, Connecticut
Vintage Quilts
Vintage Quilts
Antique Leeches Jar
Leeches Jar, oh my!

On the way out I noticed how beautiful the doorknob was to the antiques shop! Chipped paint + intricate doorknob = perfectly lovely!

Doors of Kent

This was the summer perfect getaway! Many thanks to my brother-in-law for planning it for us!  Not pictured: late night s’mores, jumping in the pool, the dogs rolling around in the fields, afternoon tea breaks, and mornings on the tree swing!